Setting Up A Catering Business

Like with setting up any business, catering businesses are no different. It is important you have carried out the essentials to setting up your catering business whether it is a mobile caterers, a restaurant, a take away, a food supplier or a coffee shop etc. Step 1, complete in-depth research of the products you are selling and demand for these products. Step 2, analyse what the competition are doing both local and national (e.g. product ranges, pricing, branding, marketing etc). Step 3, Ensure you have a financial plan, a forecast of cash flow for the first year (Main cause of business failure in first year of trading). Step 4, Ensure you have a catering disposables and catering supplier set up and a established relationship set up (ready to meet unexpected demand). Step 5, get the word out, ensure you give your business every chance of taking off right from the start, this can be done via a website, blogging, leaflets, email marketing, direct mail, radio advertising and word of mouth etc.

Catering Supplies

Relationships in business can be key in the long-term. Within the catering industry it important to establish good relationships with high quality and affordable catering suppliers, whether they supply catering disposables or are local food suppliers. Ensure you find a catering supplier that has been in the industry for a long period, has numerous reviews, has numerous testimonials, a large product portfolio and is price competitive compared to the competition. I have come across AA Catering Disposables, who are the real specialists when it comes to supplying catering disposables that are high quality and cost effective to restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, take aways and food suppliers across the UK. Whether you require tamper evident pots, deli pots, sandwich boxes, platters, foil containers and/or packaging film, AA Catering can supply for you. For more information please visit: